Are You a Whiskey Fan?

Whiskey is a drink enjoyed throughout the world, and with each continent and country developing its own unique style of whiskey – whether this is by a variation in distillation method or subtle alterations of ingredients – it is fair to say that there are literally hundreds of different whiskies available today. Thankfully due to modern commerce, the whiskey fan is blessed with a huge market of drinks to try.

The term whiskey translates from Latin to “the water of life” meaning that hundreds of years ago when the drink was first created, it was widely regarded a valuable tipple by those who drunk it regularly. Nowadays it is still considered a liquid delicacy, boxed up in spectacular packaging and bought as gifts as well as a treat for yourself, whiskey has well and truly stood the test of time.

whiskey nosing glass

A whiskey nosing glass

A particularly fine way to enjoy whiskey is by drinking from a nosing glass, which is designed to not only look elegant but also to enhance the scent of the whiskey meaning you can effectively taste the drink even stronger. This is not for everybody, as many people mix their whiskies with coke or lemonade. However, true whiskey drinkers would argue that you should only enjoy the drink neat, with or without ice, from a glass of your choice.

Whiskey glasses not only provide a valuable and practical use, they also make very nice gifts. Often available in gift boxes, designed to look particularly elegant with their satin black outer and purple, silk cloth, any fan of the drink would be extremely happy to receive a purpose-built glass as a present for Christmas, birthdays or even Fathers Day.

We spoke earlier about the types of whiskies on the market, and these can be broken down into two types – single malt and blended. Single malt whiskey is widely regarded the best because it tends to be smoother than its blended cousin. The only real difference between the two is in their distillation method, whereby single malt scotch whiskey is created solely in one distillery. Blended, on the other hand, uses ingredients from other places. Most non-whiskey drinkers will be unable to distinguish the two apart but the more seasoned pallet should have little trouble telling a single malt from a blended whiskey.

Buying whiskey

You can buy many different types of whiskies from most off-licences in the UK and even online, but the best places to go is speciality stores which stock a wide range of local and world beers, ales and spirits. These types of stores are always rife with a selection of fine whiskies and usually owned by a fan of the drink who will be able to give you some pointers.

By its nature, this drink can be quite expensive (depending on what brand you buy) so it is definitely worth asking some questions before you part with £30+ for a modest-sized bottle!

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